The social capital amounts to 2,960,669.48 euros and is divided into 148,033,474 ordinary shares of 0.02 euros nominal value each. All shares are of the same class and carry the same voting and dividend rights.

Since 22nd of July 2022, the shares of Opde Investment España, S.A. have been admitted to trading on the stock exchanges of Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia through the Stock Exchange Interconnection System (Continuous Market).

Share Price

Significant Shareholdings and Treasury Stock

Access is provided below to the information in the public registers of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (“CNMV”) on significant shareholdings in the share capital of the company, the shareholdings of the members of the board of directors, of the executives and of the persons related to them. The situation of the company’s treasury stock is also described in accordance with the latest communication sent to the CNMV.

Significant shareholdings

Financial results

Opdenergy is a company in continuous expansion with an extensive portfolio of renewable technology projects in different countries in Europe and America.