About us

We are an independent renewable energy producer, focused on solar photovoltaic and onshore wind energy production. We have a proven experience and a wide portfolio of projects in different renewable technologies.

Management of energy assets in all its phases: development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance.

To satisfy the energy needs of the market with competitive and reliable solutions, based on the use of renewable sources.

To be a global reference in energy projects, offering high profitability to shareholders, and promoting sustainable development.


Strategic pillars
Opdenergy defines its strategy based on the following principles:

  • Internationalization.
  • Dynamism and adaptability.
  • Diversification of energy sources.
  • Continuous improvement in the management of projects.
  • Maximize the profitability of assets.
  • Renewable energy and sustainability.

Since its origins in 2005, Opdenergy has proven to be a firm in constant evolution, thanks to its ability to adapt to the market.

Our business model has made it possible to progressively increase its international presence and continuously improve its management and reputation

Evolution of the company

(Most relevant milestones)

Evolution of commissioned capacity

(Accumulated MWp, owned or sold to third parties)

Areas of activity

Opdenergy has a comprehensive, aggregated, and long-term business model, oriented to the management of all the stages of development, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance.