In compliance with Spanish market regulations, Opdenergy regularly informs the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV) of any event affecting both the share price and the company. The full texts of the Significant Events published on this website correspond exactly to those submitted by Opdenergy to the CNMV.

Inside information


07/21/2022 - Opdenergy to float on the stock exchange at €4.75 per share
07/21/2022 - The Company announces the pricing of its initial public offering
08/19/2022 - End of the stabilisation period

Other relevant information


02/13/2023 - FY2022 Results Conference Call access link
01/26/2023 - Opdenergy announces it has secured 2.3GW of environmental permits in Spain
01/05/2023 - Q4 2022 Liquidity Contract Movements
12/29/2022 - La Francesca Financing 24 MW 2022
12/22/2022 - Opdenergy transfer six additional projects to Bruc
11/18/2022 - Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting Results
11/11/2022 - Opdenergy obtains environmental permits
10/27/2022 - Opdenergy transfers 2 additional projects to Bruc Energy
10/11/2022 - Opdenergy starts a liquidity contract
10/06/2022 - Transfer of two projects within the Bruc Transaction
09/22/2022 - Approval of the LPSC for Elizabeth’s PPA
08/14/2022 - Report of stabilization transactions
08/03/2022 - Report of stabilization transactions
07/28/2022 – ING financing agreement
07/22/2022 - BBVA and EIB financing agreement
07/19/2022 - First Issue 2022 Notes

General Shareholder´s Meetings

Information regarding the General Meeting of Shareholders and attendance at its meetings.