Opdenergy obtains 100% of the “Prior Administrative Authorisations” (PAAs) in Spain for a total of 2.3GW.

25 April 2023

  • Opdenergy obtains 100% of the PAAs before the April 25th 2023 deadline, according to Royal Decree-Law 23/2020. Of these PAAs, more than 50% were obtained in 2022 and the rest during 2023.
  • With the achievement of this milestone, Opdenergy continues to make progress in the implementation of its strategic plan, in accordance with the projected schedule.
  • Opdenergy also obtains all the PAAs involved in the asset sale agreement to Bruc (1,101MWS).

Madrid, April 25th, 2023 – Opdenergy, an independent renewable energy producer, announces today it has obtained 100% of the PAAs requested in Spain (2,320MW), including all the assets under the sale agreement to Bruc (1,101MW).

These are all projects located in Spain that have previously obtained positive environmental authorizations and are at different stages of development, specifically in the provinces of Badajoz, Burgos, Cádiz, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Granada, Palencia, Teruel, Valladolid, Zamora and Zaragoza. These new approvals reinforce the achievement of the objectives of the company’s strategic plan, which is being developed according to schedule.

All these projects, which have obtained PAAs, add up to a total of 2,320MW, of which 1,219MW belong 100% to Opdenergy and 1,101MW are subject to the Bruc transaction. Of the projects belonging to Opdenergy, 96MW correspond to projects already under operation, 806MW to projects under construction and 317MW to projects to be executed soon.


The distribution of MWs is as follows:




PAAs Granted
Assets in operation 96 MW
Assets under construction 806 MW
Assets to be executed 317 MW
Total in Spain 1,219 MW
Assets Bruc Transaction 1,101 MW
Total achieved 2,320 MW


PAAs granted
Q1 96
Q2 478
Q3 277
Q4 375
Q1 775
Q2 319
Total 2320


Opdenergy’s aims to develop strategically located projects to obtain maximum energy efficiency, respecting the environment and supporting the economies in which they are located. In this sense, the construction and future connection of these projects to the grid will be a great boost for local economies, as well as for the country’s energy mix. The regions where these projects are developed will benefit economically through the payment of municipal taxes, the rental of land, both private and municipal, as well as the generation of local employment during construction and operation.

Luis Cid, Opdenergy’s CEO, said: “These administrative authorizations add visibility to our Spanish Asset Portfolio. The execution of our growth plan continues to progress according to schedule”.

About Opdenergy

Opdenergy is an independent renewable energy producer, or IPP, operating in Europe, the United States and Latin America with more than 17 years of experience. The company develops, builds, finances, manages, and operates photovoltaic, wind and storage renewable energy projects in several countries. Opdenergy has a portfolio of 1.8 GW of assets in operation and under construction. In addition, Opdenergy has an additional portfolio of projects in different stages of development of approximately 12 GW that support its growth strategy.

Opdenergy plays an important role in the decarbonization of energy in the different countries in which it operates. It is present and has projects in the pipeline in five European markets (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Poland), in the United States and in three Latin American markets (Chile, Mexico and Colombia).

Opdenergy is listed on the Spanish continuous market (BME:OPDE).


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