Gamesa Electric will supply 300 MW in photovoltaic stations for 6 Opdenergy projects in Spain

3 July 2018

Gamesa Electric will be the supplier of the photovoltaic stations for six projects that Opdenergy will build in Spain. The total power of these plants sums up to 300 MW.

For each of these projects, Gamesa Electric will deliver 9 photovoltaic solar stations of 5.2 MVA. Each of them includes two high-efficiency Gamesa E-2.5 MVA-SB-I 1,500Vdc solar inverters, which have one of the highest yields in the market (99.0% maximum yield; 98.8% European yield). Also included are the step-up transformer and the protection cell, as well as the medium-voltage line.

All are integrated in a concrete container solution, with all interconnections made and tested in the factory, allowing for easier installation and field assembly.

The six projects are expected to start construction at the end of this year. Of them, 200 MW are part of the renewable energy auctions held in 2017, with a commitment to start up before the end of 2019.


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