El Muelle

Muel, Zaragoza (Spain)

Opdenergy has started the operation of a new photovoltaic project in Muel, Zaragoza. The plant has a power of 11 MW and occupies a land area of 24 hectares.

Scope of the project

11,2 Peak Power (MW)
9 Rated Power in POC (MW)
24 Area (ha)
2020 Connection date (COD)


Technical information


  • Manufacturer: Risen
  • Model: RSM72-6-370M
  • Number of modules: 30,380


  • Manufacturer: Gamesa
  • Model: GAMESA E - 2.5MVA-SB-I
  • Max. power in inverters 25ºC (kVA): 10,400


  • Manufacturer: PV Hardware
  • Model: ML3H 84 / ML3H 56
  • Configuration: 3H

360º view