Opdenergy celebrates its 15th anniversary with the objective of reaching 4.5 GW in operation by 2023

24 November 2020

  • With a project pipeline of more than 9 GW, both in the solar and wind energy sectors, the firm in its 15th anniversary, is positioned as one of the companies with the greatest potential in the sector
  • The company has made its business strategy for the coming years public, a strategy that will position the company as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) globally
  • The firm has its own 350 MW in operation and construction, a majority of which will be ready by the end of 2020 in the different countries where the company is present
  • Opdenergy’s business plan is focused on energy generation and one of its main objectives is to reach 4.5 GW in operation by 2023 through a threefold approach: by increasing its own generation asset portfolio, expanding its international presence and maximizing project performance
  • During the past few years, the implementation of its business plan has allowed the company to strengthen its growth with a diversified international presence in Europe, LatAm and the United States, which has made it one of the main players in the renewable energy sector

Opdenergy, a company specialized in renewable energies, is celebrating 15 years of history with the announcement of some of its goals for the coming years. The company begins a new phase and is focusing its business plan on its positioning as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) at a global level. This objective is to be achieved by increasing its own generation asset portfolio, expanding its international presence and maximizing project performance. The firm has its own 350 MW in operation and construction in the short term and the goal set for 2023 is to reach 4.5 GW.

Throughout its 15 years of business activity, the group has managed to position itself as one of the benchmark players in the renewable energy sector, by developing more than 1 GW of fully integrated projects in both wind and solar energy at the national and international levels. The company has reached more than 1.7 billion euros in financing and asset acquisition transactions, demonstrating its capacity to implement clean energy projects in different regions of the world.

Since its very beginning in 2005, Opdenergy has worked closely with the main players in the industry, which has contributed to the company’s success in the development of projects in a wide range of markets. All this demonstrates the ability of the company and its team to implement its strategy through the different economic cycles and optimize the results of the firm. In fact, in recent years Opdenergy has developed an installed capacity of 650 MW through public and private PPAs with some of the main international operators.

The company has been able to consolidate a relevant presence in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Chile, Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as in Spain. The company, present in these markets through both PV and wind projects, has great growth potential, as it has a portfolio in the short and medium term of over 9 GW of solar and wind energy projects.

It should be noted that the firm has worked on all its projects with the firm purpose of boosting the economic, social and environmental profile of all the regions in which it operates, while striving to support the dynamization of the economy in the areas where it implements its operations, with a special focus on job creation and environmental preservation.

Luis Cid, CEO of Opdenergy,, said: We are very happy to look back and see all we have achieved in these 15 years of activity. The future is motivating, and we are convinced that we will achieve our goals as an IPP thanks to our high-level team. All this would not be possible without the enormous commitment, effort and dedication of the great team of professionals that make it possible for Opdenergy to be a relevant actor in the renewable energy field at an international level, and play an important part in the energy transition process. Our extensive pipeline of 9 GW combined with our experience of over 15 years establishes us as a solid firm. We will continue to work with the same enthusiasm to promote new sustainable projects that will focus on the capacities and benefits of clean energies.