Opdenergy hires Eiffage Energía for the execution of its Montesol PV plant located in Teruel (Spain)

11 May 2020

  • This plant will generate more than 90 GWh of green energy each year, almost the annual consumption of around 25,000 homes and it will re-duce CO2 emissions by 39,000 tons
  • It is estimated to complete the construction works by the last quarter of 2020

Opdenergy, a company specialized in the development, construction, operation and financing of renewable energy assets, has engaged Eiffage Energía to build its Montesol photovoltaic solar plant, which will have 50MW capacity and will be located in the municipality of Cañada Vellida, in Teruel (Spain), occupying an area of 112 hec-tares. It is estimated that the construction work on this plant will be completed in the last quarter of 2020.

Eiffage Energía will be responsible for executing the civil works, mechanical and electrical assembly, SCADA and monitoring. The project also includes the construc-tion of a substation and an evacuation line.

This plant will generate more than 90 GWh of green energy each year, which is ap-proximately equivalent to the annual consumption of around 25,000 homes in Spain and will reduce CO2 emissions by 39,000 tons, according to the emission factors published by the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC). In addition, it will have 135,128 PV modules as well as eight 5.2 MWA and two 2.6 MWA trans-formers.

Opdenergy and Eiffage Energía have collaborated on different projects since 2011, with the construction and commissioning of more than 14 solar plants, with a total capacity of 230 MW. Both firms have worked on international projects in different countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain. One of the last projects carried out jointly was the construction of the 50 MW La Fernandina solar plant in Merida, which was put into operation at the end of 2019.

Eiffage Energía: Company of reference in the construction of photovoltaic in-stallations

Eiffage Energía has extensive experience in the implementation of solar projects, and it is one of the companies of reference in the construction of photovoltaic in-stallations in Spain and also at an international level.

In 2019, Eiffage Energía installed a total of 1,012 MW of photovoltaic solar energy through projects built in Spain, Mexico, Chile and Jamaica. More than 750 MW of the total were installed in Spain, thus making Eiffage Energía one of the companies that has built more installations of this type in this country.

Renewable energy is one of the main pillars of the company, and a sector in which it has been working for 20 years. Eiffage Energía is responsible for nearly 80% of the Eiffage Group’s renewable energy activity worldwide. It prevents the emission of more than 10 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

Among the most important projects launched in 2019 is the Huatacondo solar plant, “S4 Solar”, one of the most important solar projects in Chile, with 103 MW. Eiffage Energía also built, together with Schneider Electric France, the Paradise Park plant in Jamaica, which was connected to the grid last year, providing the Jamaican mar-ket with the most competitively priced electricity in its history.

Opdenergy: International Company of reference

Opdenergy is a company with extensive experience in the development, construc-tion, operation and financing of renewable energy assets, both in the sectors of so-lar photovoltaic and wind energy. The company has successfully developed nu-merous projects in different parts of the world, thanks to its remarkable international presence. The firm currently has offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Florida, London and Turin.

Since its inception in 2005, Opdenergy has raised over 1.45 billion euros through project finance and equity investment in photovoltaic assets in Spain, Chile, Mexi-co, Italy and England.

In addition, the company has demonstrated a great capacity for the development of renewable energy projects through the signing of public agreements and private PPA contracts for a total of 650 MW. On the other hand, the company’s growth po-tential has been ratified by a project portfolio in the short and medium term of more than 8GW of solar and wind energy, as well as 271 MW under construction, of which 160 MW are in Chile (50 MW in wind assets and 110 MW in solar assets) and 111 MW are in Spain.