Our work (borrador, no editar)

We at Opdenergy have achieved a proven capacity and experience that allows us to act globally in terms of geographical scope and renewable technologies.


The main sources of energy linked to our activities are:

Starting from the solar business, we have acquired experience, our growth and maturity have allowed us to define a strategy aimed at diversifying the business, broadening the spectrum of technologies to operate with equal efficiency in wind energy and also attending to other solutions such as the demand for storage or hybrid systems.

Our collaborators

In Opdenergy we have a stakeholders' approach that allows us to understand their needs and expectations. At the same time, we offer a variety of possibilities to collaborate with us.

Some of our collaborators are:

  • Entities and investment funds.
  • Financing organizations.
  • Administrations, operators, and public institutions.
  • Asset developers with projects at any stage.
  • Suppliers, providers, advisors, and contractors.
  • Tenants and owners of land and surfaces.
  • Local communities where we operate.


Our collaborators